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Vaping In the Real World – Pt. 1: The Beginning

If you have yet to read the previous post, you may want to do so now. If not, here is a one sentence recap: I found my 16 year old daughter vaping, and I wonder now about the statistical results of various surveys and how the numbers are perceived.  You know, how does this change the view of my wife, her mother? Previous to this my wife was a very happy supporter of electronic cigarettes because of how they have changed my life. I was a multiple decade smoker who quit with electronic cigarettes as many. many other have.

I think this is a very interesting and right now conversation, how it turns out in the end might just change some viewpoints.


The Beginning


Much like many other people and families too, we have kids and a household to manage. The whole time we have to keep morale up, keep three kids from killing one another (or at least from hurting each other in reality), and try to keep the house running. Point is the last thing I wanted was to find my 16 year old (going to be 17 in one month) vaping in her room. It was a shock, even for me.. a vaper of two years who runs a damn electronic cigarette blog! So why am I so shocked after touting the benefits and various advantages of the product?

I guess you can say it is because she is my daughter. She is me. And although I know e-cigs are safe and I have put my body to the test for the last couple of years, she is still my daughter and if there is one small chance that she would be hurt I would want to keep her away from electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarettes away from her!

My wife was so shocked when she found our daughter she was speechless for at least around 5 minutes. She had no words even though, she too knew the safe record of the e-cig. She knows how they work and what they do, and even though she knows they are safe she is a mother and will worry no matter what her children do.

So there you have it. We are staring at each other at this point not knowing what to say and not really wanting to be the first to speak either. My wife just utters, “I can’t believe it”. Honestly, as bland as a description as that is it is the best fitting one. We were just confused. So we took some time and let it sink in. Once it finally did, about 20-30 minutes later we were able to talk about it. I suppose we had to let it all soak in for a bit.


The Past and Present


Think about what it used to be like. What kids back in the 60’s did and then keep going. Look at the 70’s and 80’s, are we starting to get to your generation yet? Keep going.. look at the 90’s and even the last decade and think about how much has changed with regards to tobacco over all of those years. From days in which it was considered so normal to smoke that if you didn’t people would wonder what was wrong with you. Then, take a look at what passed for the typical tobacco ad.

Camel Cigarettes Ad

As you can see they were not ashamed to admit they smoked like most are today. It is not no longer a popular thing to be a smoker. There is a stigma that follows smokers today. Not like in the past. Which is why I brought this up. When a kid back then was considering trying tobacco they would have certain options or choices. This is regardless of their reasons for wanting to try smoking. But their options were to either smoke or not to smoke. I think it is obvious what the dangers or benefits are for both.

So in a way I suppose I should be happy that we live in a time where we know more about the world around us. I should be happy that when my children are faced with the same decisions that kids were faced with 30-50 years ago, they have plenty more options available to them. Trust me, this is a good thing. When a kid, like my daughter or any other, is faced with making a choice (don’t worry about the reasons for that choice yet) they have not only to smoke or to not smoke, but they also have the electronic cigarette.


Is the E-Cig a Valid “Choice” for Kids


I am trying my best to stay away from having a morality discussion with this, but it is hard. If you are reading this do me and yourself a favor and put morality out of your mind for a bit. That discussion will come at a later time – but we will have it.

Kids today are looking at the same choices that we and our parents were at their age. The biggest difference is our knowledge and our choices. We know much more about these things at the age of say 10-16 than kids 40 years ago did. So it is safe to assume that less kids are even in a spot to make such choices than ever before. I do not have any numbers to support that statement, but it sounds reasonable does it not?

But put into that spot kids today have the extra alternative of the electronic cigarette. I further think it is safe to say that having that as a choice will keep multiple kids from choosing tobacco-based products at all. But we also have to recognize that there are two very different groups of kids here. We have those who want to smoke and the choose either tobacco or e-cigs, then we have those who do not want to smoke at all, but choose e-cigs simply because it is a safe option and one that allows them to do what their friends are. I think it is obvious which group the advocacy groups are going to be using in their rants.

So now we have defined the two groups of kids who would be faced with the choices we are discussing. The choices are what we are focusing on here however so let’s stick with that. Whenever a “safer” alternative is placed in a group of choices, the person faced with said choices is in a better place than before, when that alternative was not available. Our kids are the ones making these choices so it is important that we pay close attention.


What are we Really Looking at Here


Overall I think most people would be happier if their kids were not even considering any of these options. Granted. However, when they are I would much rather them have the ability to make a positive choice or at least the best of those available. The electronic cigarette gives people the opportunity to have a safe way to do something they would have done anyway. This is a good argument and one that will continue to be used I’m sure.

So what is the alternative? Well, the flipside is for those who were not even considering taking up smoking. People, or should I say parents, are worried that their kids will start using e-cigs because now there is a way for them to “smoke” or to “do what their friends are doing” in a safe way. They are concerned that the simple fact that electronic cigarettes exist and the fact that they are a “safe way” to smoke, will entice their children to , “pick it up. Okay… I suppose I can see where that comes from at least, even if I do not agree – and here’s why.

To say it simply, if your kid is going to take up vaping because it is “there” and because it is a “safe way to smoke” then I think there are some different issues that need to be examined. Smoking is not the problem here. Seriously, think about it. If your kid, my kid, or anyone’s kid is going to pick up a habit or hobby because of and ONLY because their friends are doing it and now there is a “safe” way for them to do it as well (but they never wanted to smoke before) then the smoking is not the kids issue.


Right Back to the Front


So we have went through a bunch of information. We started talking about my daughter and how my wife and I had caught her vaping. Then I discussed the various choices available to kids through the various decades, finally landing on today and the options available presently. So thins brings us right back to the beginning of our story. We are still far from finished with this series.

At the present time it has been about 3 days since catching my daughter. My wife and I have essentially decided that at her age (going to be 17 in 29 days) there is only so much that we can really, tightly control. According to my daughter she vapes because, “me and my friends do smoke tricks and I just like it.”

It is hard for me to really accept it and I am still not sure why considering what I do. Still, I keep thinking that had this been twenty years ago she would be smoking tobacco cigarettes instead of the e-cigs. So my wife and I are lucky that we live when we do. We do not allow her to do it in front of us and right now that is just fine with me. Maybe my views on her doing it will change with time, I’m sure they will but just not right now. Out of the choices she had in front of her she chose correctly. Like I have said many times, I would much rather have her doing this than the alternative.


Note on this series: This is part 1 of an ongoing series about electronic cigarettes and my family entitled: Vaping in the Real World. There is much more information to come on both the subject matter and the people involved in the articles. Check 
daily for new posts.


Kids and Electronic Cigarettes

The Great E-Cig Debate.. Yes, off of the nefarious results put out by a couple highly touted surveys and statistical reports. People were up in arms from both camps about the numbers and there was one statistic in particular that really got everyone.


…20% of kids ages 6-12 are “users” of electronic cigarettes while not ever being a “user” of tobacco products.


First of all, not a direct quote. I did paraphrase. However, the facts remain unchanged and that is that without ever having tried tobacco or without ever being a tobacco user (seriously at the age of 6?) 20% of kids in that age group are e-cigarette users. Before going too much further some things need to be defined for the sake of argument. In addition, like I have boasted since opening the doors here this is the most honest vaping-related site you will find. No one pays me for my opinions and no one will ever sway me to disregard my opinion. Furthermore it is an honest opinion from someone who is essentially just like you!


The Great Debate: Kids and Electronic Cigarettes


Like I said above, we need some definition before going on. The report calls kids “users” for the sake of their study but what is a user? Well to me and I am sure many of you, a “user” is someone who is using a product on a consistent or at least somewhat consistent basis. In the study that we are taking the above statistics from, if a child in the concerned age group even tried an e-cig one solitary time they are considered a user.  I don’t know about you, but to me one use does not a user make.

The concern here is this, and it might even be one of the biggest concerns for those against electronic cigarettes, that kids will be tempted to vape or use an e-cig even if they are not smokers, have never thought about or wanted to try tobacco, or have no smokers in their family. People are concerned that e-cigs are to enticing to children and in some cases might even be playing off of that to increase sales. I can understand the worry here. I am a parent and I understand it, but I do not think it is something that is happening. I don’t think kids are wanting to vape just for the sake of vaping. 


Ahh… but herein lies the problem.


Take my last statement.

“I don’t think kids are wanting to vape just for the sake of vaping”

Up until last night this was what I believed. I still do for the most part, but I have a slightly askew point of view now. Last night I discovered that my 16, going to be 17 in 30 days daughter vapes! I was surprised. She is not a smoker. She is not even someone who hangs out with people who smoke. However, I discovered much and more discussing this with her and about the viewpoint or perception of vaping belonging to kids her age.

I still believe electronic cigarettes to be safe and perfectly harmless but now I have a different view of what kids think. I remember what I was doing at 16-17. I was a smoker at 14/15 so by that age I was already into my second full year of being a tobacco user. Most of us use our experiences to formulate and mold our perceptions and I am no different. All that being said, I know my daughter and I would like to say that I kind of know how she thinks. But I never suspected that she would want to vape. And by the way, the fact that her father does it should not be a factor. She does not do things that I do just because she see me doing it. She is far too independent for that.

I still intend to have more conversations with her and will be including the results of those on the site. So stay tuned for that because as far as perceptions and thoughts go, I think the articles that come from those conversations with my daughter might be some of the best the site has to offer in its early life. 


So What Are Kids Doing?


Of course, I will discover more to answer the above question in the coming days and weeks. But, as of right now here is what I know. The kids that are in my daughters group, or the people that she generally hangs out with, is who I will be referring to when I say her friends. Out of the group my daughter hangs out with only about 50% of them use electronic cigarettes. From what I am being told all who vape use 0% nicotine. I am happy about that. It is one of the bright spots in all of this.

Either way, it appears that they are doing it for the taste, the social aspect of it, and to perform “tricks”. If this is truly all they are doing I suppose I could somewhat understand. Even so it is still a bit shocking to me simply because I did not expect it. As for their reasons, they make sense too considering their age and what is considered “popular” today. Electronic cigarettes it seems is becoming a “thing to do”. This coming during a time where we have made more strides than ever before in killing tobacco and society’s use of it.


What Comes Next


I will continue to watch this developing story and will continue to write about it. I believe it will be interesting to see where it goes because it is exactly what is being talked about right now. I must say, seeing my daughter doing it and finding out that she does it has altered my view on who is doing it and why.

Watching this developing story and series of posts is going to surely be interesting. I have a study subject close by in my daughter and she will make a good one. She is honest and not afraid to share her opinion (much like her Dad). I might end up getting better data from this than the previous two studies combined. So keep an eye out for more posts on this topic. I should have the next one by middle of this week.

Why Quitting with the E-Cig is the Answer

When a smoker decides to quit smoking things in their lives change quickly. The old saying that goes you “you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone” is really true in this case. When a smoker quits or tries to quit it becomes apparent fairly quickly just how much the act of smoking has affected their lives and everything they do. So it is easy to see that quitting smoking is much more than just stopping something. It is an adjustment or a change of a multitude of things in their daily lives.
People often take for granted the things that they do without thinking. For some people smoking becomes one of these things. So when they decide to quit, the began to realize just how much their lives and routines will change. This can be very scary for most people. As a result, many of those people will just make up their minds that quitting is just too hard, at least for now. So they may choose to give it another go later, or they will choose to stick with it and see it through to the end. Which are you?
Enter the “quit smoking aids”. Things like patches, gum, and medication. All of them have their  advantages and all of them have their disadvantages. Since everyone is different it would make sense to reason that for some the patch will work wonders. The same can be said for any of the other methods as well. It comes down to what type of person are you, what kind of motivation do you have to quit, and do you have the willpower to make it?
All of the above “quitting aids” have one major disadvantage that they all share. That disadvantage is that none of them give you anything to take the place of your routines or the things that you would normally do while smoking. They are just ways to replace the nicotine that you are no longer getting. The hope is that if they can control the nicotine cravings you will not smoke. The problem is, and every smoker will understand this, there is much more to smoking than just the nicotine.
So with all of that being said and understood, there needs to be a way to replace the nicotine that you will not be getting when you quit as well as the routines that you would have been doing while smoking. To a non-smoker it might seem a bit strange or hard to grasp, but smokers will get it. When you smoke your holding the cigarette and going through the motions of smoking. But there is more to it than just that.
Smokers have routines and methods to their smoking. I will use myself as an example. When I used to drive to work I would always have two cigarettes on the way and and two more on the way home. It was just how I did it. I would always have a smoke walking to lunch and then another after lunch. I would smoke when I got up in the morning and another with my first cup of coffee. These were the routines I would go through. When I tried the patch and I was not smoking during any of these times my whole day seemed out of whack. When these routines were altered or eliminated it made quitting much harder. This is what the patch, gum, and medication could not help with.
So when you have a person who wants to quit, but the three most popular methods will not do the trick as described, what is this person to do? The answer is the electronic cigarette. Not only will the e-cigarette give them the nicotine that their body is used to but it will also give them a way to continue with their normal routines or habits but in a much safer and healthier way. They can do everything they used to do but they will not be putting more than 400 toxic chemicals in their system in the process. The electronic cigarette is the answer!

Phony Reviews

I almost sound like a broken record to myself, but regardless it bears repeating.

I have been writing for various sites within the electronic cigarette community for the last two years. The biggest factor in helping me to determine to go it on my own was the lack of honesty in the content of most sites. Keep in mind that this does not mean every website out there is full of it. However, there are enough of them that are. Enough of them to make you wonder whether or not what you are reading is legit.

For the most part this “lack of honesty” is in regards to the reviews of products and websites. There are plenty of product reviews for example in which the person writing about the review had never even touched the product they are writing about. Trust me, this is easy enough to get away with these days because the Internet provides plenty of researchable information on any product for a writer to use as material. All it takes is the name of the product and Google. Then with a bit of creativity the writer can make the review seem as if they actually have tried and tested the product.

So the next time you read  review, just keep this in mind. Before you take the reviewer at his or her word and use their review as a basis for making your purchasing decision – think twice.

Just a bit of friendly advice from ECig Smokers!

Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Quit Smoking-Kick the Habit


When someone decides to quit smoking, I mean really decides to quit, what are the options available to them? I think for most people the thing that comes to mind almost immediately is the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum. Of course this is just a result of years of marketing and years of those two options being drummed into people’s heads. Today however there are more options than ever before, and unless you actively look for them you will not find them unless someone else shows you what they are.

Among the various quitting aids that exist there are two that are in my opinion the absolute best ways to achieve that goal. Keep in mind that my opinion on these are based on my own personal experience as I have thoroughly tried both. These are the medication called Chantix and the Electronic Cigarette. 


Quitting Smoking This Way or That


Once you made up your mind to undergo this adventure you should make some sort of plan for yourself. You need to think this through in the sense of how you will handle the various situations that you will encounter. Things such as being around other smokers, or how will you deal with NOT smoking during times in which you would routinely have a cigarette. These are not easy things to deal with for anyone and for most people it is these scenarios that will almost always start them smoking again.

Chantix has a really good track record. When I was using Chantix it had helped me to quit fully for about 4-5 months. The only thing that is worth being aware of are the side effects. Do not underestimate the side effects of this medication! They are real and they are also real dangerous, or they could be. Either way, make sure that you read up on them and that you are aware of what the possibilities are. I know everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to medications in their system but for me the side effects were enough to make me stop using Chantix even though it had succeeded in helping me to quit smoking.

This brings us to the Electronic Cigarette. Now this is a way to quit smoking that has some people a bit confused. The reason for this is the fact that in many people’s minds you are still smoking. They see the electronic cigarette as nothing more than an alternative way to smoke. They see it as a replacement, as if you are replacing tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes but either way you are still smoking. Let me tell you right now that none of this is the case. Sure, it looks like smoking and it can even feel like smoking, but you are NOT smoking. Let me explain why.

With a regular tobacco-based cigarette you are burning the tobacco and inhaling the smoke. The tobacco that is being burned however is not just tobacco. During the processing of the tobacco leaf over 400 other chemical additives are added to the tobacco in various ways and for various reasons. Either way, the point is that the chemical that are added are all dangerous. This is a fact, that literally 100% of what is added toWhat's in a cigarette the tobacco you are smoking is dangerous to the human body. None of the chemicals are natural and none of the chemicals can be processed by the human body in such a way as to make them inert. Because of this the added chemicals bring a certain level of toxicity to the tobacco based cigarette that cannot be matched by anything else that we do as humans. It kind of makes you wonder why we would smoke in the first place.

So this brings us to the electronic cigarette. When you smoke an electronic cigarette you are actually inhaling a vaporized mixture of food-grade propylene  glycol (which the FDA and other health organizations classify as harmless) or vegetable glycol, water and nicotine. So compare this to the extremely toxic tobacco cigarettes and everything that is included within them. When you “vape” with an electronic cigarette you are essentially  only putting nicotine and water vapor into your body. When you exhale all that comes out of your body is what is left of the water vapor.

So when someone is looking to make comparisons between the two it is fairly simple to see which is “safer”. So for those who claim that by using the electronic cigarette to quit you are only replacing one for the other, yes this is true. However, there are many reasons why this would be preferable to the many other options available. A smoker might still be “smoking: in a sense but they are no longer in danger of adding numerous toxic chemicals to their body, not to mention whatever damage they might have been doing to those around them with secondhand smoke. This being the case, I would think that this would be highly preferable to smoking tobacco. This should also be preferable to the other methods used to quit traditionally because they simply do not work. The statistics support this fact because most people who “quit” with the patch, gum, or medication usually return to smoking shortly after.


No More Tobacco

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

So quitting with the help of the electronic cigarette IS QUITTING. You are taking a step in the right direction. You are still putting nicotine into your system which in itself is a toxic chemical. But you are eliminating 400 plus other toxic chemicals. So even if you continue to “vape” for years after quitting tobacco you are in a much safer position than you were previously. Your lung functions return, your breathing, smell and taste all return to normal. Basically everything that you had lost because of smoking will retunrn to you even if you continue to use an electronic cigarette. What about that does not sound like quitting?

The main point here that I am trying to get across is this. If you stop smoking tobacco-based cigarettes yet continue to use electronic cigarettes you can say that you have quit smoking!

E-Cig Colors Are Not Responsible for Sick Kids

Whenever something that is intended for “adult use” is produced with vivid or bright colors it seems to attract people who say that the items and products are a danger to children. They claim that the bright colors make them “attractive” to kids. Is this really true? Is a kid going to pick up a deadly spider let’s say simply because it is pink with bright blue accents? I think not.


The Colors Are Not A Danger


Brightly colored parts



The above image is one that was recently used in an article on Komonews. The claim being made is that the bright colors of various parts and products used by electronic cigarette manufacturers are enticing children to try vaping. They are also claiming that because of this there is a sharp rise in the number of nicotine poisoning cases. What do you think? Do you think that it is reasonable to assume the colors are what makes these a danger to kids? I distinctly remember not too long ago there was a story on the local news about the fact that the various candy flavored e-liquids would pose a threat to kids because of the flavors. They said that such flavors would get kids smoking simply because they are attracted to the candy flavor. As if they were insects who were attracted to some sort of bait.

While I completely disagree with the claim that the colors are posing a danger there is one scenario in which a slightly similar case would make sense. I am referring to little kids. Children below the age of 5 for example. Kids who really do not know the difference between a stick of candy and a potentially dangerous nicotine-filled device could be in danger, sure. But at this point it comes down to the parents doing what they can to keep their kids away from such dangers.


The Biggest Battle For the E-Cig Industry


It might make sense to assume that the tobacco industry would be the electronic cigarettes biggest enemy. While they are a major hurdle the industry must overcome, it is really the various health organisations and the people who ignorantly make claims such as the one we are talking about here and now.

I have three kids and at a certain point children mature physically and mentally to a degree in which they are able to make their own judgement. They are able to then use the knowledge gained from their parents and the various experiences they have gone through to make up their own minds about the actions that they take. One such action would be eating or drinking the contents of an e-cigarette tank or cartridge because they think there is a candy flavored liquid inside. I don’t know about you, but my youngest who is 10 would never do such a thing. Even when she was much younger she would know better.

The health organisations have made some erroneous claims over the last year and will likely continue to do so. One reason for this is the lack of any real scientific data regarding e-cigarettes. This lack of information in some ways allows different people and various groups to just insert their own claims wherever they want. Once this happens, once a somewhat respected organisation makes a claim about something or someone, those who blindly follow the organisation will ignorantly believe anything they say. This is where we have the problems that we find ourselves dealing with at the present time.


Is There a Solution to Any of This


It is hard to change the minds of a large group of people once they begin to listen to such “respected” organisations. When people blindly follow the claims of such groups out of pure ignorance to the facts their minds are mostly made up. They are set in their ways at this point and you can almost forget changing their minds because you will not even get the chance to try. They just do not want to hear it. Change is hard for anyone.

Honestly I can’t say that I have a solution to this. I suppose the best thing that any of us can do is to educate our children. We must make sure that they really understand that in more ways than one color does not mean anything. Just because something is pink does not mean it will taste like cotton candy. On the flip-side of this, for any educated person to make the claim that something as simple as a color is the reason children are getting sick from ingesting poisonous substances is ludicrous. In addition, it is an insult to the parents and the children alike. I would like to think that the children of the world are a bit smarter than that. I would like to think that they have been taught by their parents and loved ones what to put in their mouth and what not to. Like I said earlier, at a certain age children make up their own minds about this and if at that point they still think that pink equals cotton candy, well then, I suppose the parents have more work to do.

Quit Smoking Guide Published

Quit Smoking

Our very first guide is now completed and published! How to Quit Smoking is a guide written by an ex-smoker who has tried most of the various methods on the market. While the traditional methods have not been successful, electronic cigarettes have succeeded where everything else has failed!

Read about the experiences and get some good real world information on how to quit smoking and have it stick. No one wants to quit for a couple months only to start up again. If you really want to do it then do it. This guide will help you in that journey!

Find the guide in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or just click here!



The Ecigarette Getting Over-Regulated in Europe

The electronic cigarette community seems to be taking some “hits” over across the pond. Our fellow vapers in Europe are being tagged with regulations all over the place as governments try to keep up with the growing popularity of the devices.


It is hard to define when something has been over-regulated. Over here in the US we have been quietly hoping for some sort of regulation to be put on the electronic cigarette industry as a way to help with various issues. Things like cloning and getting a standard for production of e-liquids are just a couple things that US vapers are looking for.

It is probably a safe assumption that our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic were hoping for the same, but they got much more. I do not have or know the details yet, but from what I am seeing it appears that countries are opting for either a middle of the road approach, or going all out. What is all out exactly? How about putting the exact same regulations and taxes on electronic cigarettes as they do with tobacco cigarettes?

If you ask me (and anyone else I would imagine) this is a bit too far. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that there is a distinct difference between tobacco-based cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Yet, those in power have decided there is no distinction to be made. They cite safety concerns and concerns about children and vaping being a sort of gateway to addiction.

Gateway To Addiction

Over the years I have heard of a bunch of different things as being a gateway (of sorts) to addiction. As a person who has known people who have suffered from addiction I can say that vaping is not going to get people addicted to anything anymore than the next product would. Something like 95% of people who smoke electronic cigarettes were already smoking tobacco of some kind before trying ecigs.

Now there are those who vape and have never smoked a day in their lives. But these are people who are generally adults and have already had opportunities to get addicted to something. The ecig had nothing to do with it. I think in some ways people are looking for reasons to hate the ecig. It just feels like they should. It feels like this is something they should not like or approve of. The problem is they cannot find anything wrong with it or any reason to try and get rid of it, so they dig. During their digging, they came up with this, gateway to addiction reasoning.

In Time Science Will Save the Ecig

Just like we have all heard over and over again – there are no long term studies to measure health effects or anything else for that matter. While this is the case at the moment I have a feeling that soon, like in the next three years or so, there will be a study. As a matter of fact, they are underway now. They just need more time to get results on the long term part of it.

Thing is, once they do I have a feeling the results will vindicate the electronic cigarette. I think the results that come from the various studies will show the relative safety of the ecig and how it is much better than the available alternatives. Of course, this is what we vapers already know. But the rest of the world needs to learn the same things. The problem is that in our society we need someone with some ring to their name or job title to tell people. Once this happens, the electronic cigarette will be vindicated.

From Smoking to Shopping

I was browsing through everyone’s favorite vaping forum today and I saw a post that got me thinking. This person was sarcastically complaining about how he went from a tobacco addiction to a new addiction.. shopping. What makes jokes funny is that they remind us of something. Their content is familiar to us which is why we laugh. Well, the same is true of this guy’s post.


The Truth About E-Cigs That No One Talks About


One thing that keeps some people from getting into vaping even though they might want to is the cost. Even right from the beginning you are looking at spending around $100 for a starter kit. That is, unless you just want to stick with buying disposables every day or two. This can get expensive quick and is a pain in the ass that no one needs. Leave disposables for what they are best at, a last resort when you have no other e-cig around.

But the point that the gentleman was trying to make on ECF was actually a true one no matter how funny the post might have been. There always seems to be a new and improved device that you want. There are always new products hitting the market and sometimes just a sale at your favorite vape shop that you just cannot pass up. This has happened to me and I am almost positive that it has happened to all of you as well.

At least the devices that we buy are useful. It is not like we are buying things that will sit on a shelf for years or in a cabinet on display. Everything that vapers purchase will at least get used once, right? I actually have a box for my “vaping supplies” and I am sure most of you all do as well. Even if I do end up using all of my new purchases, I can only use one device at a time so the rest have to sit somewhere.


The Devices You Own


Lately I have been trying something new. I have been trying to use one device for vaping and one device only. In the past I was like most people and when I saw a sale on a new electronic cigarette or some new flavor of e-juice by my favorite brand I could rarely pass it up. The problem is that I very quickly would end up with a bunch of devices and piece or parts that I did not need. They ended up sitting in a box, just collecting dust.

So I decided that I would pick one device and use that only. So far it has been about 5t months since I bought any new devices and I have been using my iTaste consistently during that time. It has actually saved me money, time, and frustration. Because of my little experiment I have found a new way to treat vaping, not as a hobby but as I did with smoking. It is something that I do and enjoy. But it is not something that I have to get so involved in that it takes up all my time and money.

Don’t think I am being critical of those who do choose to treat vaping as a hobby. If that is their choice then who am I to tell them any different? For me however, spending a ton of money on things I will not use seems like a waste. So I ended up giving most of my extra stuff away and now I just use one device. Of course I have a backup, just in case. But the one device is all that I need for everyday vaping.


There Are So Many Choices


The electronic cigarette market has grown into a monster. I have said before that the industry is over-saturated and I still believe that. This is both good and bad for consumers and I will get into that in more detail in another post. For now, however we will talk about how this is good for the people who find themselves hopelessly addicted to e-cig shopping.

Since the market is so big it gives you so many options that you could almost do anything you want. This is evident in all of the mods that people people are putting together these days. There are so many customized devices out there that some of the really good ones end up being copied by manufacturers at some point. So there it is, the industry gives you the option of being a device-whore or just a vaper. The choice is yours.

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